Save Our Landscapes (SOL) is a community group which was formed in August 2011 by people living in and around Lanark.

SOL aims to protect and to promote the New Lanark World Heritage Site and the Falls of Clyde – an area that contains some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.

We have led the opposition to the planning application by the multinational company Cemex to extend a quarry into the Buffer Zone of the New Lanark World Heritage Site by the Falls of Clyde.

But we have always been more than an anti-quarry action group. We have drawn up plans to improve the network of footpaths around the Falls of Clyde and New Lanark, to replant lost trees, and to increase public knowledge and appreciation of the area.

These viability of these plans have been demonstrated by extensive public consultation, and will be pursued if the planning application is rejected by the Scottish Government.

Contact: Mark Stephens: markstephens64@aol.com


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